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Refuge Household Enhancement Facility (RHEF)

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Access up to N10m for motor vehicles or up to N2M for home appliances at competitive rates with the Refuge Household Enhancement Facility (RHEF).

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Product Requirement
Refuge Household Enhancement Facility (RHEF) is a consumer loan product targeted at employees of structured organizations in the private sector and NGOs of the economy whose salary accounts are domiciled with Refuge Mortgage Bank.

You qualify for this if you are self-employed with verifiable and consistent cash flow. The objective is to further support our mortgage loan customers with finance to prepare the house for habitation.
Product Basic Features
The following are the basic features of Household Enhancement Facility (RHEF):
  • Up to N10M for motor vehicles
  • Up to N2M for home appliances
  • Up to 3 years for motor vehicles
  • Up to 12 months for home appliances
  • Attractive and competitive interest rate
  • Equity contribution 10%-20%
Pre-Approval Requirements
The following are the Pre-Approval requirement of Household Enhancement Facility (RHEF):

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