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Refuge Salary Advance Scheme (SALAD)

Get 80% of Your Salary Upfront within 24 hours of applying.

The Refuge Salary Advance Scheme (SALAD) offers you the needed funds to meet your urgent personal financial obligations such as house rent, school fees, hospital bills, traveling expenses, burial expenses, etc. You have control over the spending.

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Product Basic Features
The following are the basic features of Salary Advance Scheme (SALAD):
  • Up to 80% of net monthly salary
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Tenor-next payday
  • One working day processing and disbursement
  • Provision for instant renewal at expiration
Pre-Approval Requirements
The following are the Pre-Approval requirement of Salary Advance Scheme (SALAD):

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    Fast Disbursement
    Time is of the essence, as we know you might want to use funds for emergencies. The money is disbursed within a few hours of applying for the loan, without much paperwork, helping you navigate unforeseen circumstances with ease.
    Convenience and Flexibility
    We have made this stress-free, flexible, and convenient for you. You can choose the amount that suits your needs and you decide how to spend the advanced funds, allowing you to prioritise your needs and pay when you are paid.
    Responsible Borrowing
    Unlike traditional loans, SALAD avoids the burden of high interest rates and long repayment terms. You only repay a portion of your upcoming salary, promoting responsible borrowing and preventing debt accumulation.
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