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Refuge Mortgage Construction Finance

Build with Flexible Terms & Get Up to N200M. You Can Build Now and Pay Later.

The Refuge Mortgage Construction Finance product provides funds to developers and individuals for existing projects, new ventures, and real estate profit-making enterprises.

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Product Basic Features
The following are the basic features of Mortgage Construction Finance:
  • Obligor limit up to 50M for individuals and N200 M for Corporate
  • Competitive pricing plan financing option
  • Tenor up to 24 months
  • Equity contribution up to 30%
Pre-Approval Requirements
The following are the Pre-Approval requirement of Mortgage Construction Finance:

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    Benefit from a dedicated team and efficient processes to expedite approvals and get your project moving faster. Our extensive experience in development finance ensures that our approval processes are smooth and quick.
    Build New Projects with Ease
    Access flexible financing options to fit your project's specific requirements at any stage of your project development. Let us handle the financing complexities so you can concentrate on bringing your vision to life.
    Increase Your Cash Flow
    Real estate development costs a lot. Avoid using up all your cash resources by working with Refuge Mortgage Bank for your construction finance. Build now and use your cash for other needs.
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