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Refuge School Building / Rent Finance

Build, Expand, Upgrade Your School Today with Less Financial Pressure!

Refuge School Building and Rent Finance empowers schools to expand, acquire property, and meet rental needs. We work with school owners to expand, buy up the buildings or pay rent. These loans can be paid back within a year for ‘rent’ and up to two years for ‘purchase’ at attractive interest rates.

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Product Basic Features
The following are the basic features of School Building / Rent Finance:
  • Open a current account
  • 30% equity contribution
  • Submit approved building plan / BOQ
  • Approval from government
  • Must have a landed property
  • Secured by property
Pre-Approval Requirements
The following are the Pre-Approval requirement of School Building / Rent Finance:

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    Break Free From Financial Limitations
    As a school owner, it is now easy to escape the constraints of high operational costs and limited resources to invest in your school's growth and improvement. Choose Refuge School Building and Rent Finance product to break free from financial limitations.
    Secure a long-term Facility with Ease
    Purchase your school building for stability and peace of mind. This will bring a sense of belonging to students and staff. This product allows you to secure a long-term facility with ease and less financial pressure.
    Enjoy Predictable and Affordable Payments
    Benefit from flexible repayment options (1 year for rent, two years for purchase) and attractive interest rates tailored to your school's budget. We understand your financial capacity, and we can work something out.
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