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Refuge School Support Scheme

Get Funds Up to 10MN to Expand Your School

School Support Scheme product allows private school owners to access funds for expansion, renovation, property acquisition, salary payment, laboratory and science equipment, etc.

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Product Basic Features
The following are the basic features of School Support Scheme:
  • Tenor up to 24 months
  • Flexible repayment in line with the school's cash flow
  • Obligor limit up to N10M
  • Competitive pricing
  • Equity contribution up to 20% for property and equipment financing Sign up now
Pre-Approval Requirements
The following are the Pre-Approval requirement of School Support Scheme:

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    Improve Teacher Satisfaction
    By supporting salary payments and offering resources like laboratory equipment, we help you create a more attractive and rewarding work environment for your staff, fostering long-term commitment and improving student outcomes.
    Transform Your School Ultimately
    You can invest in your school and your student's future without compromising your financial sustainability. We are committed to seeing your investments grow and achieving your goals for your school.
    Enjoy Increased Cash Flow
    Private schools like yours should have constant cash flows. This product helps you enjoy your school's smooth running with flexible repayment options channelled to your school's unique financial cycle.
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